PhD Courses

Soc 280D  Sociology of Organizations 

      Possibly helpful typology

      Extended reading list

Soc 275     Research Design   (syllabus)

Undergraduate Courses

Soc 5         Evaluation of Evidence   (syllabus)

Soc110      Organizations and Social Institutions (syllabus)

Soc 190     Sociology of Entrepreneurship Seminar  (syllabus)

Advice for PhD Students

Books about writing and doing research

How to develop arguments and convince readers

Detailed outline of research design section of an empirical paper

Dissertation proposal outline

Advice on the job talk

Advice from other people

Fabio Roja:  Cheap guide to grad school:  Grad Skool Rulz

Chris Riley:  Practical advice for analysis of large, complex datasets

Kieran Healy:  Advice on presentations

Zawadi Rucks-Ahidiana:  Practical PhD (especially how to work with RAs and riding the manuscript rollercoaster)